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Have you ever wanted a refreshing cocktail but you prefer THC? Wonky Weeds D9 Syrup makes sense! This super potent syrup can be taken on it’s own or mixed into a drink to make a THC cocktail! Try mixing it with your favorite juices or sodas for a delicious combination! Available in Grape.

Wonky Syrup – Grape


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2 reviews for Wonky Syrup – Grape

  1. Jeffrey Beebe (verified owner)

    Order processing was quick less then 24 hours. Shipping order number as soon as it ships. Should be here in 3 day. Will update when it arrives. Heavy flower smoker (daily) lets see what its about. PS. PKA forever love them guys watching before the first dozen shows. LOVE seeing you sponsor the show. Look Here… Look Listen! <3

  2. Guccjiit


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