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  is one of the celebrated names in the industry of Delta-8 edible manufacturers and enjoys a stellar reputation for crafting premium quality Delta-8 edibles. Our products are lab certified, and created by putting the Delta-8 in state-of-the-art technology providing only the natural goodness of the plant. With a proven commitment to quality and transparency as well as extending a plethora of flavored edibles, they are the ones making Delta-8 edibles right!


Our Story

Established by a couple of passionate individuals who strive to help people with the right yet fun way to reap the benefits of Delta-8.

The mission is to cautiously craft Delta-8 edibles that will give individuals the serenity and tranquility they are missing out on. The power of Delta-8 is unprecedented and providing it to people as a tasty treat is the motto.

The owners took upon the venture with the idea of becoming the best and largest Delta-8 edible resource in the world providing real deals. They are obsessed over crafting lip-smacking Delta-8 edibles by combing through the finest selection of US-grown hemp and nothing but the best of the best ingredients.

Our Flavors

Wonky Weeds are your ultimate destinations for the freshest collection of Delta-8 edibles. From delectable lemon, blueberry to key lime flavors and numerous diverse tropical flavors, they have got you covered!

Every bite of these Delta-8 edible edibles will render you with a sweet taste with a hint of sourness making them irresistible. Our edibles are fresh and fluffy and you would not find anything similar to the exceptional quality we offer in the market, we guarantee that!

Satisfy your cravings by indulging in the wide range of Delta-8 edible flavors from the house of Wonky Weeds. Our edibles are a combination, rooted in science and made of nature. Our sweet and unique flavor treats are effective and safe, calms your soul, and will surely leave you itching for more!