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HHC is a synthetic form of THC, but don’t let that scare you off! All of our products are lab tested and safe to use, we don’t put anything we wouldn’t use ourselves into our cartridges! HHC is an interesting form of THC due to the fact that it can be made with or without THC. The non-THC derivative is made from CBD and has less potent psychoactive effects. Each cart contains 900mg of HHC, a total of 1 gram of distillate in each cart. We currently have 3 strains of HHC in stock –

White Widow – White Widow is a balanced hybrid from the Netherlands. This popular strain has a very earthy and woody flavor to it that makes it perfect for someone who is looking for a strain that won’t have any sweet or fruity flavors.

Tahoe OG – Tahoe OG is a full indica that has a lemon and pine flavor to it.

Super Silver Haze – Super Silver Haze is a full sativa strain, this strain has a citrusy, earthy flavor to it.

1 Gram HHC Cart



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